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Sometimes I forget that I’m in a hotel! The scent of fresh flowers, blown across by a gust of wind from the Rose Garden, the distant tolling of cowbells from the Alps. The world so far – and yet only a few meters away. I look up at the blueness, my little piece of heaven, before my eyes fall shut: my lounge chair, my balcony, my GRAND PARK …

Built in 1912 as a hospice in the classic fin-de-siècle style, the GRAND PARK Hotel Bad Hofgastein has always attracted famous personalities from business, politics and society to the Gastein Valley. Even today, the house is one of the top destinations for visitors from around the world who appreciate its exclusivity, comfort and tradition. With its understated luxury, charming ambience and attentive staff, the only 5-star hotel in Bad Hofgastein is the epitome of Austrian hospitality.
Do something good for yourself. Take care of yourself!
Whoever grabs life with both hands must be able to let go. We will help you rediscover your inner balance and improve the quality of the life you lead. Our doctors and therapists develop individual health programmes specifically for diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the respiratory system. These programmes are also effective prevention measures. All staff at the GRAND PARK hotel do their best to make your stay is as relaxing as it can be, perfect holiday in Gastein.

Rooms & Suites:
Timeless elegance and modern comfort

Staying at the GRAND PARK Hotel

Austria had a monarchy, the Titanic set off on its eternal maiden voyage and the Norwegian Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole. Although in 1912, the year in which the GRAND PARK was founded, the world had begun to move faster, the social creed was: noblesse oblige. Even today you will encounter here the dignified atmosphere of this period which, combined with a relaxed informality and the very comfortable interiors, can make you loose all track of time.

It is this grand hotel atmosphere that makes your stay at the GRAND PARK so unique. Behind the stylish façade, there are 89 classically elegant guest rooms and suites, all including technological conveniences such as free WLAN and flat-screen TVs. Choose your favorite from ten different categories, from the room “Gamskar” to the “Presidential Suite”.

Spa starts in the mind
Leave the rest to us!

Your Smartphone is in sleep mode, the laptop is in the briefcase. Your breathing is smooth and relaxed, and very elegantly “the crane roams the water”. During the morning Qi Gong session at the duck pond on our grounds you will be able to boot up your energy levels to get the day off a fine start. Feel how your mind is free, everyday stress and worry gives way to inner peace and calm. It may be the crane… or the fact that you started the day at the GRAND PARK!

You will be amazed! As if by itself, your face smooths out, the eyes shine, every pore breathes with rediscovered vitality. No need for scalpel and Botox. We will deal with any small wrinkles and bumps: with our expertise, outstanding products – and of course the incomparable Gastein thermal spring water.

The way to find new energy
Source of health: water, wisdom, well-being

Keep your health, enhance your well-being: these are the objectives of the GRAND HEALTH team, your companion on the Gastein path towards a healthier life. In addition to these professional “companions”, the 3 Ws ¬ water, wisdom, well-being – are the basis of our strategy for success. Exclusively for you in the GRAND PARK Hotel Bad Hofgastein.

The healing and soothing effects of Gastein spa water was already used by the Romans. We have integrated the proven Gastein spa tradition into a modern concept, adapted to the needs of people today. Our Gastein way combines the knowledge of tested natural remedies with the recent findings in kinetics and the expertise of modern nutritional science.
Healing powers of nature

The mild, natural radioactivity of the Gastein thermal springs relieves pain, has an immune-stabilizing and beneficial effect. It has been scientifically proven and our patients confirm: “The healing effect lasts far beyond the treatment period.”

The healing caves therapy is famous worldwide. The interaction between radon, heat and humidity make the Gastein Healing Caves a particularly effective natural remedy.
Specialists support you

Our doctors and therapists are specialists in chronic disorders of the musculoskeletal system, the respiratory system and the skin.

They work with you on an individual therapy program – for the duration of your stay and of course to carry on at home.


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    Kurgartenstraße 26, 5630 Bad Hofgastein, Austria
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    5 Star Hotels
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    Bad Hofgastei


Grand Park Hotel Bad Hofgastein
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Grand Park Hotel Bad Hofgastein
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Grand Park Hotel Bad Hofgastein
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Grand Park Hotel Bad Hofgastein

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