TOP 10 Places in Slovakia



1. Bratislava

The capital city on Danube and the crowning city of Hungarian kings, including the important ruler Maria Theresa, it is situated nearby another European capitals. Dive into its pulsating life, have a walk in the city centre, and enjoy your coffee in cosy cafes. We recommend a stunning view from the Altitude restaurant in the TV tower.

2. The Tatras and Liptov

Unique winter skiing in state-of-the-art winter resorts. In the summer, alpine tours, during which you could encounter wild chamois. Adrenaline bike-parks and bicycle paths for whole families. The cable car to Lomnický štít 2,632 meters above sea level, with possibility of unique accommodation in the observatory or a cable car trip from the north part of Chopok to the south part. In addition, there are waterparks and hotels with breathtaking views of the mountains. All year long, the Tatras and Liptov are ideal places to relax from the hustle and bustle of today’s world.

3. Košice

The second biggest city in Slovakia has its unique feel. A prominent landmark of the picturesque city center is St. Elisabeth Cathedral ─ the easternmost Gothic cathedral in Europe and the biggest church in Slovakia, with capacity of over 5,000 people, will take your breath away. Kosice was the European Capital of Culture for 2013. During that year several unique cultural stalls have been made available, and several interesting, long-term cultural programmes have started running.

4. Banská Štiavnica

The historic mining town, due to its magnificent city centre and technical sights of the neighbourhood inscribed to the UNESCO heritage list. In the 16th and 17th century it became famous for gold and silver mining.  In the year of 1764, the first Mining School in Europe, and the oldest Technical School in the world was established. Even today you can rent a special suit and visit adits where silver and gold were mined. After the tour you can relax next to the neighbouring water reservoirs that used to constitute the industrial technical system. And search for salamanders. They were the first to bring into broad daylight treasures hidden in the bowels of the earth in Štiavnica.

5. Spiš Castle (Spišský hrad)

On a way to the east of Slovakia you will pass by the remains of a majestic castle inscribed into UNESCO List. With the area of 40,000 square metres, it is one of the biggest castle compounds in whole Europe. There is a great view of the neighbourhood from the castle, and you will get a tour through authentic medieval dungeon, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and armoury. Unique UNESCO monuments are to be found in near neighbourhood  ̶  the Church of the Holy Spirit at Žehra, Levoča city centre, or St. Martin’s Cathedral in Spišská Kapitula

6. Slovak Paradise (Slovenský raj)

The National Park Slovak Paradise got its name quite justifiably.  Its thick woods will make you feel like on the different planet. Far away from hustle and bustle. Only you and virgin nature. And adrenalin. Tourist routes will lead you through step irons, ladders and mountain riverbeds.  You must experience that!

7. Bardejov

This town in Šariš region can pride itself with a generous rectangular square inscribed to UNESCO Heritage List. Such combination of the Gothic and Renaissance styles is seldom to be seen.  Picturesque townsman’s houses create rarefied atmosphere that is intensified by the monumental bells located next to the town hall. Visit unique basilica of St. Egidius, with eleven wing altars.

8. Wooden churches in Slovak part of Carpathians

Hervartov, Tvrdošín, Kežmarok, Leštiny, Hronsek, Bodružal, Ladomirová a Ruská Bystrá. Rather than trying to pronounce correctly the names of these picturesque churches, it is easier to set off for your trip and get to know unique architecture and technically exceptional Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox churches inscribed to the UNESCO Heritage List. Many of them are built without a single nail and their decor is breath-taking

9. Caves of the Slovak Crast (Slovenský kras)

Except natural and cultural treasures on the face of the earth, Slovakia has some gems hidden beneath the surface.  It’s difficult to find another country where there are so many caves available to public on such a small area, with maintained trails and spectacular dripstone decoration. In Slovakia you can explore caves with ice decoration (Dobšinská Ice Cave), limestone structures (Domica; with boat ride on the Styx River, Gombasecká Cave), as well as with extremely precious aragonite crystal decoration (Ochtinská Aragonite Cave) which is to be found nowhere else in Europe.

10. Health Spa Piešťany

After wandering through Slovakia, it is nice to completely relax. You will definitely choose from over thirty Slovak spas, but the most famous one is located in Piešťany, just 80 kilometres from Bratislava.  World-famous healing mud, water and monumental hotels in beautiful parks is just what you need for complete relaxation. Editors of Lonely Planet know very well why they included it among TOP 20 spas in Europe.


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TOP 10 Places in Slovakia
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TOP 10 Places in Slovakia
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TOP 10 Places in Slovakia
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TOP 10 Places in Slovakia

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